Getting Excited

Hi All. As it says above, getting a bit excited. Retired up to Norfolk and have started sailing lessons. On the board in the Sailing club there was a mirror going free. Picking it up on Thursday. Not sure of condition, the gentleman said it has been in his garage for the last 20 odd years!! At least it should be dry!! Will let you know how I get on.

In the early 1950's I was posted at RAF Station Shepherds Grove a short distance from Bury St. Edmonds. I got to know Norfolk rather well and even spent a day sailing on the Broads.
I hope you love sailing as much as I do and especially in a Mirror Dinghy. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask them here.


Thanks Pete. No worries there!! The club Bosun has said if its sea worthy it will go the club, if not, my garage so that I can do a bit of work repairing!!

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Welcome to the Mirrorists' hangout here!
Most folks, when they retire, seem to go for a big stable boat, especially if they are new to sailing. You are doing the best you possibly can by starting in a smaller dinghy. If you keep a Mirror upright in a blow, you can virtually sail any bigger dinghy.
Gernot H.

Hi Gernot (been reading a lot of your posts, pretty good). Had a few lessons in a wayfarer, although a lovely dinghy, me being on the small side, needed a bus pass to get from one side to the other!!! Looking forward to getting the mirror on the water........I hope!!

Good luck with your mirror, being wood nearly everything can be repaired?patched

Thanks Franco......

Hi All. Got it!! Went to pick it up this evening and its brilliant, its been in his garage for years and years laying upside down on Tyres, for airing!! It is in really good nick, the outside is painted a sort of white/cream with dual red stripes. The paint work was like plastic(?), all the seems for stuck, nothing coming away, transom is perfect, the inside was a bit grubby but NOT a dark piece of wood in the whole both, around the daggar board, clean as a whistle. Wooden mast/boom looked as though they had been varnished yesterday. the inside does need a rub down and varnish, recommendations (?) and a really good clean out, recommendations (?). The two main things that I need now are a launching trolley and boat cover (?) recommendations. Appreciate your help and advice .

I made my dolly out of black pvc pipe. Cuts easily and with the proper fittings pvc adhesive, joins up easily. I have approximately 8" balloon tires. They are like the ones used on wheel barrows. The cross piece where the middle of the Mirror sits is made of wood and coated with old rug material. I use a heavy rope across the front. When you make it figure that the major weight will be over the wheels and that the cross pieces are placed so that when you lift up on the handle it is not too heavy.
It is probably a good idea to personally see how others have fabricated their dollies.


Thanks Pete. ideas, plenty of them, that's what I need now!!.