Glossary of terms for absolute beginners - with labelled pictures

Hi all! So if this goes well, this thread should be a glossary of the terms used on the forum; a sort of rosetta stone for newbies. I know that when I first arrived, I found it very difficult to follow the tips people gave, just cos I didn't know what any of the parts of my boat were called. I still don't know most of them, so this thread is for me too!

I was thinking we could post collaboratively to build it up over time. As often as we fancy, when someone notices a term hasn't been defined on here yet, they comment the name of the term(s) with as full a description as possible, of what it is/for and where it is on the boat. Ideally it would be accompanied with a picture that has a label (pulled off the internet or a photo with labels added sing ms paint) but obvs not everyone is going to want to bother with that, so I'll go around adding those where possible. Additionally, when someone who doesn't know a term they've seen used, they could post a request on here and someone in the know would supply the description. Then its up for ever, and next time someone is confused about that term its already here!

If people are up for it it will probably be quite a long project, and might end up being quite long and difficult to decipher. Between the inevitable discussions and clarifications that will arise I think it's likely to be quite an unwieldy thread. I was thinking once we're happy that the glossary is reasonably complete that I might do a tidy up and post it as a new thread, but with only the agreed upon information.

Are people keen? What do we think? There is an excellent rigging guide that has a very detailed labelled diagram, that I found on I'm going to put as the first post at some point in the next few days, once I've got round to describing some of the bits. I had a look through the forum and couldn't find anything that matched this description, but if anyone knows of one already in existence please do let me know!


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I assure you we started this forum believing that only folks familiar with the boat and boating would join, but of course this is too restricted an assumption.
Your idea is great but, as you say, involves a lot of effort.
We could start by collecting and publishing links like the one you refer to:
rigging guide
There is a thread on how to reference pictures here. See .
Gernot H.