52500 back on the water


After butchering an old teak tabletop and replacing a rotten transom and some other mushy plywood, 52500 is back on the water here the the Netherlands ( Leiden area). When I work how to post a photo I will provide some evidence too ! Boat was a homebuild sometime in the 80s and after many years in the same family it was passed to me on the promise I'd repair it. No name until now, "Blauwe baard" ( blue beard) henceforth as a tribute to Lauw the builder

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I'm afraid it's a bit more complicated than just uploading photos. If you have internet storage space, however, it is possible to publish the photos by linking them here. If not, you can send me some by e-mail and I can put them on our site. But we have limited capacity.
For instructions, read https://mirrordiscussforum.org/Drupal_02/node/35 .
Gernot H.