Broken Tiller

Hi all,

number 21110 here, recently purchased and have had a few afternoons out so far.

I have just come back from a fantastic sail off Warsash in some pretty strong winds. Unfortunately a dodgy gybe had me heeling for a moment, and upon steering to recover I was a little off balance and leant on the tiller and broke it.

I pulled the rudder out and luckily was able to use the sails to keep a downwind course back to the harbour where I missed the slipway, jumped off onto jetty and was assisted back round the corner by the harbour master.

I'm really just writing to give an initial greeting and on the off-chance that someone may have advice regarding repairing a broken tiller (shaft broken off from the point of attachment to the rudder box), or perhaps its best just to search for another second hand one on ebay or something?


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Welcome to the forum!
How is / was your tiller attached?
I did the same and after breaking it (soon after buying my Mirror about 35 years ago) I had to rebuild the rudder stock and simply shortened the tiller to fit. I have fairly long arms and find that it doesn't make much difference except that I now have ~ 15 cm more room in the cockpit!

See the thread at .

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The tiller is very flimsy but it should be possible to make another one,. I have a very strong new design of rudder and stock for cruising - probably over kill for most people - and I can send you a picture if I can get your email address.
Good sailing

Thanks for the replies! it looks like the tiller was screwed down onto the stock and then heavily varnished over, presumably as part of refurbishing because the screws under the varnish look rusty.

A shorter tiller sounds appealing, I also have long arms and when tacking with company its a bit of a squeeze and I sometimes poke myself in the back.

Would choice of wood for repair be very important do you think?

I think I'll look out for a cheap second hand one, but in the mean time might attempt a botch to keep me going.

Thanks for offering to send me a pic David, I'd like to see that. My email is I've seen and enjoyed a few of you youtube videos by the way!

I am currently doing Shelly up for cruising, I've prepared bed frame pieces from sections of wooden pallet and I'm planning a boom tent using an old fly sheet. I think I went quite far overboard though with my recently purchased 7.3 kg danforth anchor!