Looking for a good resource for scarffing repairs should I even attempt this ?

So Iv'e just built myself my first stitch and glue rowing Skiff and i'm feeling all proud and confident.
Im now tempting fate by seeing how far I shold test my new D.I.Y skills and wondering if i should even attempt a restoration on a mirror that has some pretty bad rot .
So my question is does anyone have a good resource to share for scarfing techniques? Has anyone done this type of repair and is willing to share some knowledge ?

This is the project i'm contemplating .


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Welcome a-online in the Mirrorist hangout!
The most extensive description of a restoration of this kind I know of is an EXTREMELY long thread in the Wooden Boat Forum (https://forum.woodenboat.com/forum/building-repair/69966-an-update-on-th...) but I see the photos seem to have all gone.
That forum is an excellent source of information, though, and I can point to the pictures at https://forum.woodenboat.com/forum/building-repair/151970-?p=4647996#pos... as well.
Searching for "patching", "scarfing", "rebuild" etc. both here and in the Wooden Boat Forum should help you to find more information.
Nothing is impossible but whether you want to embark on such a project depends on how long you are prepared to work on it and what your resources (tools, finances, space) are.
If you do decide to abandon the project and bury the boat, let me know the hull number and details so that I can at least put an entry into the "obituaries" section of the Roll Call, please.
Gernot H.

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https://mirrordiscussforum.org/Drupal_02/node/257 has a description with photos, but not a real rebuild, more a patching job.
One of our forumites has posted a video on scarfed patches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JcAB1-RzCY .
Have you also got a Facebook account?
Cheers, Gernot H.

So I've finally picked up Blue Pearl hull number #15547 and thankfully the trailer and launching dolly made it worth my while because the hull is much worse than it looked from the first pics the owner sent me.
However I'm still tempted to take on the challenge. Does anyone near Gosport Hampshire want to get involved ? I'm not 100% sure I'm up for this. But I like a challenge.
See PICS HERE https://photos.app.goo.gl/UdrmzcBptJu3FYM46

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Personally I wouldn't tackle that. The fact that one can look straight through the back of the boat means virtually rebuilding it.
Let me know what you've decided. A rebuild would be an amazing feat, an honourable burial can be recorded on the "obituaries" section of the Roll Call.
Gernot H.

If it wasn't for the fact iv'e no longer got the work shop space I certainly fancied the challenge. The decision has now been made for me Hull 14557 will have a viking burial on the beach on the next available southerly wind.

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I'd put that up as a sign at the burial site!
You can of course strip all usable items off the hull to keep as spares or to pass on to other Mirrorists in need !
Sad as it sounds, the world would be cluttered with material objects if one didn't discard of some of them from time to time :.-( .
Gernot H.

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As someone who saved or restored over 7 Mirrors during Covid I feel well qualified to comment on this one! Ultimately it is about the cost and time involved v desire to restore something. This would have been a big and expensive project both in time and money virtually a complete rebuild.
It would be best to burn it and buy another old Mirror for about £300 that you could put some love into! Do save all the fittings and any good sound wood that can be used for future repairs (however it is quite likely to be rotten or brittle with age).