Although I got the hull/sail number wrong in my last post - it is in fact 65560.

I will endeavour to keep a little update of the repairs etc here.

The boat had been under a tarp, but on the ground for a while before I was given it. It has sat up off the ground either on its launching trolly and in the garage or propped up and under a tarp outside when I needed the garage space recently. It is now on a DIY 'dolly' in the garage where I can work on it either way up as required.

So far.

Sanded down the outer Hull.

Made three small patches in the fore area 2x approx 6" sq and 1 x 12" sq. These were epoxied in and smoothed over with Low Density Filler before sanding back. I have also reinforced the whole outer Hull with 4oz cloth in epoxy. In addition, and as the beaches around here are mostly rock, I have laid a 3" strip of heavy combination mat along the keel line as a replacement for the usual brass rubbing band, as far back as the daggerboard slot. I will keep the brass band around the slot and the skeg.

In the past someone has put their foot through the cockpit I guess and made a pretty hash fibreglass repair - strong, but rough...!

Today I turned the boat right way up to ascertain the jobs for the deck and cockpit area.

I found a small 12" section of gunnel that had rot and has now being replaced with a scarfed in piece of local Larch.

Both front 1/4 decks had rotted, so I removed the remains of these and shall cut replacements from some ply eventually.

There is a thin and rotten section of the front panel, fortunately it is restricted to a small area above the buoyancy tank and will be an easy fix with replacement ply glued in on the inner face of the in-situ section. I will then glass tape this on the inner face edges and fill the hole from the outside with chopped strand and filler...

On the Transom one corner had a very small section of the ply skin rotten. I have managed to take this out and replace with a glued in section. Again fortunately the main transom board was still solid.

The floor of the cockpit has the hashed repair, so I will most likely paint the floors with Danbolene once I have sanded them down.

One side bench needs the tape re-gluing down or a new section of tape gluing over it.

The whole of the remaining woodwork is pretty much bare wood, with what was left of any varnish 60% gone.

There are drain plugs fitted in various places, but no hatches to either the fore/aft compartments. What are the merits of fitting something for both access and /or inspection,,?

Standing rigging fittings are all present, but I am going to upgrade these to SS and fit channel adjusters.

The rig is Gunter and the three spars are in good condition, the wood sections just need a coat of WoodSkin. I have removed the fittings in order to sand down and prepare. I have also replaced the Gaff 'Jaws' as one side was broken and the other on its way to the firewood pile.

I have one Main and one Jib, both in good condition. Made by Jeckyl's.

That's it so far I think..!

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Some before and after images of progress so far.

Now sitting on its custom 'dolly'. Much easier to work on, multi-positionable on its castors. Ability to support the boat either way up.

Repairs to hull done. 5x coats of Marine Gloss. Gunnels with 1st coat of Woodskin applied. Rubbing band/Keel strip re-applied.

Internally, I need to strengthen the floor with a layer of glass cloth, replace some of the side bench taping along seams. I'll then give the floor a coat of anti-slip paint, Woodskin to the remaining wood areas.

Spars have had 3x coats of woodskin and are ready for re-attaching fittings. Foils need to be prepped and coated with woodskin still.

I have some replacement deck and rigging fittings on order, replacement running rigging also.

A few more images here: https://snap.as/lhl/mirror-dinghy-65560

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Good to see that the damage was fairly localised and you are able to get it fixed so well.
I recommend access hatches to all compartments as they permit inspections by smart phone or camera (see https://mirrordiscussforum.org/Drupal_02/node/405). I haven't got a forward compartment hatch on my boat yet, though.
Looking forward to seeing action pictures!
Gernot H.

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Thank you Gernot.

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Today I received the bits n bobs from Trident. I was disappointed by the amount of packaging they thought to use though - far too much plastic wrapping as a filler, because they claim to only have one box available and it was around 10x too large for the contents..!


Today I managed to get the Combination Mat applied to the inner floor area and also re-taped the main cockpit seams.

I fitted the new Camcleats to the mast, replacing the plastic 'horn' type.

Currently considering the placement of the Fairleads and Cams for the 'Jib' sheets. These were mounted on the gunnels, on top of what was probably the original wooden fairlead. I am going to copy a few others and mount these on to a piece of ply then screw this to the side bench.

I also now have enough rubber bungs for all the drain hole fittings. The transom one I have played with drilling it to accept some 3mm line which I have then attached to the transom with a short SS screw, so as not to loose the bung...

Question: I saw a video of one Mirror user who had not replaced the Bow Knees. How structural are these? Do I need to replace them..? Could I use a smaller piece of wood in their place..?

Next stage once the epoxy has cured is to re-sand the inside totally, then apply Woodskin to the decks and benches; paint the cockpit floor. Fit the new Allen SS Anchor Plates for shrouds and forestay. Then I will do a dry land rig of the spars and sails.

I have some Ash or Beech wood that I will craft some Fairleads from to mount up at the Bow.

I should also look at the Launching Trolley, to see what needs fixing before I contemplate putting the boat back on it.

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I sanded down the newly taped seams and the reinforced glass/epoxy floor this morning. After cleaning up, I then applied the 1st coat of Woodskin to the decks, benches, daggerboard casing, the bulwarks and another coat to the gunnels.

We're back in the garage/workshop as its the more usual rain here in the NW of Scotland today :)

Before can be seen here: https://snap.as/lhl/mirror-dinghy-65560/18ONzmr

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I decided to make up a new panel for the Bow today, then changed my mind, then I found a piece of Oak in the shed, so decided to make two Quarterknees to replace the original ply panel and strut.

Clamped temporarily here:

I'll screw these through the gunnels from the outside, same as the transom knees.

I also mounted the Jib Sheet Fairleads and Cam blocks to a ply board which I will then screw to the side-bench:

Three coats of Woodskin now applied to the rest of the woodwork. Paint on order for the cockpit floor; various SS fittings/screws on order; Ensign ordered :)

Feels like (re) launch day is not too far away...

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My only guess is that the larger front "knees" help to keep the boat minimally dryer.
Also looking forward to seeing some "in action" pictures ;-) .
Gernot H.

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I also think that having the knees in place will add some strength to the front panel when under tow if needed..? Anyway they look nicer than the originals in my view..!

I'll be sure to post some images of 65560 on the water as soon as I can. I'm a solo sailor, whose medium 98% of the time is 'old skool' film, so will do my best.

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The day is getting closer, maybe this weekend...

Newly painted cockpit footwell. 2x coats of Hempel anti-slip Deck paint.

No Sheets or Kicking Strap fitted. But a good initial rig to see where I'm at..!

One more delivery either tonight or more likely tomorrow - 2x new swivel blocks for the Main Sheet and some Whipping Thread to finish off the Kicker.

Mainsail is showing its age, I think with a poor shape, to be expected with age and use I guess, will still allow me to sail though. Probably not worth getting Reefing Points put into this sail, I will look out for a 2nd newer one to either adapt or other over the winter ready for next year.

Questions: The elastic bungee used to hold the Daggerboard in place - Where are folks fastening this..? I believe it is under the thwart, but in What position and How long..?

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Final delivery today of the last couple of bits.

Kicker now whipped; two new blocks arranged for the Mainsheet; Jib downhaul attached; Lacing line fitted to Main Sail.

Pennant knocked up on the sewing machine this morning and attached to the Gaff top.

Sat or maybe Sun is due to be the day of wetting. Light winds <5 km/h, so no pressure to perform, just a light breeze to check general seaworthiness.

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65560 now has a name - pakwâci.

The name has connections to my interests and experiences of travelling in Northern Ontario in the country of the Anishinabe Cree.

pakwâci means WILD.

I've made name board to mount on the transom. Made from 25mm Larch and oiled; with the letters carved in and then filled with white enamel.

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Launch Day

No wind, or actually around 3km/h... But, the rest of this week looks the same, apart from Tues (8km/h) when I am working!

So, today it was, as I was chomping at the bit...

All went well. A little water getting in somewhere. I don't think it was what I brought in from my feet..? I will need to monitor and see if I can work out where it is getting in, as I glass/epoxy the outer hull, have new bungs in place, and the daggerboard case was epoxied around its base.

I might add a second 'split pin' to the tiller as it is a bit loose and catches on the inwale when tacking if using the extension.

Images can be seen here: https://snap.as/lhl/mirror-dinghy-65560 From an unloved shell to a renovated hull.

@ Gernot - I think now you could add 65560 'Pakwâci' to the roll call :)

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It's good to see a boat returning to the elements it was built for!
You certainly seen to have a lot of space all to yourself for sailing.
I'll put your boat on the update queue.

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Ha! Yes a lot of space in the right kind of weather. Here is my Lat/Long:
57.026061, -5.703520

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Been a while since I checked in. We are well into the wet and cold winter weather here in the West of Scotland. We have snow on the hills around home and the day to day weather is not too inviting for sailing, although the water is still warm (ish), the winds are unpredictable.

So, Pakwaci is away for the winter, unless there is exceptional weather and I might head out. In the meantime I will concentrate on my analog photography and spend time in the darkroom.

Happy winter, all, see you in the Spring.